Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have to admit, when it was first proposed by the sizzling Serbian amateur chef Sanja for a cross collaboration of efforts on my Blog with "Sanya's Sweet Somethings" my belly lit up. I'd just like to put it out there now that I am more than happy to review any and all food on my blog. Any amateur chefs out there, get out your long thing with the flat end, your frying thingamajibs and whatever else is required for cooking (please excuse my ignorance, my cooking utensils are restricted to a can opener, toaster and loads of baked beans) and I shall partake in whatever delicacy you may invent and give it a review on here for me, you and the fake follower I invented to make it look like people actually read the tripe I dribble.

The date for the tasting was set as February 14th. Valentine's Day. This date was set by Sanja as she was baking a lemon lime cheesecake for her father's birthday, which happened to conveniently coincide with Valentine’s Day.

I saw straight through Sanja's thinly veiled attempt to win over my heart via my stomach.

She would not be the first temptress, and I'm sure not the last, attempting to seduce me with a slow digestation of sweet, sensual, sugary delights.

Being the glutton that I am however, I embraced the opportunity for this cheesecake with open arms and mouth. After starving myself on Monday morning in preparation for my morning tea I arrived to work only to find the tasting had been postponed.

Not a good start.

Apparently Sanja was reluctant to cut the cake before her father had been able to sample it for his "birthday". Excellent ruse and full credit goes to her for coming up with this cunning strategy to try and further hide the ulterior motive lurking behind the gesture however I, once again, saw straight through this ruse.

I had no option to delay my tasting until Tuesday. Let me just say now, it was worth the wait. The smell of lemon wafting through my nostrils was extremely tantalising and my goodness the look was delicious.

The cake also smelled and looked good.

My first bite had me forgetting for the moment the reason I was getting to eat cake. In fact, I almost forgot my own name as the sweet lemon lime cheesecake mixed so perfectly with the crumble base as it danced around my tastebuds.

Each ingredient complemented the other perfectly without trying to be the centre of attention itself.

The second bite was almost better than the first and I started to move more and more of the cake into my mouth. I couldn’t get it in fast enough; crumbs flew about my desk and infiltrated my keyboard (where they still sit). A large dollop of cake escaped from my gnashing jaws and landed serenely on the front of my freshly washed white work shirt but I didn't care. More and more of the cake I ate and savoured until there was but one bite left. It was at this point I looked up, a little flustered and breathing somewhat heavily, cheesecake plastered around my mouth and a small bit of drool languishing slyly from the side of my mouth, to find all eyes in the office upon me.

I retrieved my fork from the floor where it had landed during my flurry, ate the final piece politely, dabbed at the sides of my mouth with a tissue and excused myself as I retreated to the bathroom to clean myself up.

I returned an hour later, quite composed, thanked Sanja for the cheesecake and returned her Tupperware.

I could see she wanted a response so I thought it only fair to inform her that I saw through her ruse the entire time and, initially at least, was selfishly using her for free cheesecake. I also told her how something had happened to me at some point between the 2nd and 3rd bite that I had never felt before. It was love. True love that no man can deny. I had fallen head over heels for her cheesecake and I would make her wildest dreams come true by marrying her, only if she promised to make me at least one cheesecake every week, for the rest of her life.

I could see by the look in her eyes she was taken aback by the frank and beautiful opening up of my heart. It was a lot for her to take in, what with the man of her dreams offering to marry her and all, so I gave her some time to process this momentous moment in her young life and returned to my desk.

The love story of this entry is not over yet - we are currently in couples counselling. Well that is to say I am currently taking a forced leave of absence from work and undergoing counselling after mediation with Sanja and our HR manager at work deemed me to be "delusional" and a "possible safety risk to others". Pfft. Who isn't I say!

Whilst my cheesecake and I are going through our problems you can attempt to bake this cheesecake that has made me delusionally happy at http://sanyasweetsomethings.blogspot.com/

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