Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 2 & 3 - Your invading MySpace

Days 2 & 3 of my 7 day facebook free journey were much the same as the first. A few shakes upon wakening, many near logins throughout the day thanks to, what I describe as, manual finger dext-memory, some more threats and temptations from the instigator but thankfully no breaks in the challenge.

I have found I have been using my phone an inordinate amount - for someone who does not normally exceed his monthly $150 limit I have gone through almost a third of that in 3 days, mainly on texts.

At one point on Friday I thought I may try to fallback onto my first foray into the social networking scene by going back to MySpace. After a few attempts at trying to remember my logins and answering some secret questions I found myself connected once more to the outside world.

Sort of.

MySpace may have been around first however it has certainly not kicked on and it has amended itself to try and be more like facebook now. Reminds me of some brothers I went to school with. The older one was somewhat of a goose, very awkward and unlikable without many friends whilst the younger brother was a pretty cool guy doing mostly normal stuff. The big bro at times even tried attempting to be like him. It didn't work then and it hasn't worked for MySpace.

So my facebook craving went unfulfilled although I have found it is easier getting by without now. Baby steps, one day at a time. Each day I remain clean from the object of my addiction is a victory.

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