Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 7 - Lessons Learned

I did it. 7 Full days without Facebook. I have a delicious steak dinner and a back scratch coming my way.

Although I do like to joke about my facebook usage I never realised just how much I am actually on facebook until I couldn't go on it anymore. My fingers continually tried to thwart my efforts by typing in facebook without my express consent however I was luckily able to stop them before they logged me in.

My one and only weakness was targeted too with promises of boob shots in my inbox when I logged in. These turned out to be false and hurtful lies. There have been many things done in my life in the aid of and promise to see boobs however I again resisted the urge and finished victorious.

So what did I learn in my time sans facebook?

 - Status updates only work as status updates. Walking around telling people random thoughts or song lyrics will get you looked at strangely

 - Stalking is fine in facebook but will get you arrested in real life

 - I am completely addicted to facebook

 - It's alot easier to make friends on facebook than in real life

 - It's a lot easier to de-friend someone on facebook than real life

 - Without facebook my phone bill skyrockets

 - I could live without facebook but not without porn

 - Facebook takes up the vast majority of my working day

 - I facebook therefore I am

 - I will do anything for a steak and a backscratch

 - Work is nowhere near as busy as I thought it was when using facebook

 - I am not alone in my addiction

 - People really don't care whether I'm on facebook or not

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