Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You can stand under my coachella-ella-ella-ella

Ahhh Coachella. I shall be popping my cherry this year at what is arguably the best music festival in the world today. 3 days of desert fun, sun, beers and music. I am also celebrating my favourite (and only) niece's 21st which is fantastic for her as she will have her favourite (but not only) uncle in a munted state sleazing all over her young friends.

The sleazy uncle, however, is not the only character that will be appearing during Coachella - The "Urban Irwin" shall also be making his debut at Coachella as he delves into the behavioural nuances and mating habits of festival goers, getting up close and personal and even aiming to tag a few for conservational purposes.

Unfortunately I, like so many of the faithful lazy, procrastinated myself out of a camping pass, so I wish to put it out there to all and sundry that may have space in their tent or car camping for three Aussie lads obviously coming all the way from Australia for this fine event. We would really like to push ourselves into someone’s camp site.

We can offer nothing in the way of camping skills or equipment whatsoever. We will have a car and can give you a ride from LA or nearby surrounds. We will have money and we are extremely good looking*. I can wiggle my ears, Thisso can juggle and Storesy, well, he will be there too.
* "Extremely good looking" does not necessarily mean extremely good looking

We are willing to offer cash, sexual favours or organ donations for room on a campsite!

We can guarantee we will enhance your Coachella experience and teach you a great deal about Australian culture. If learning about Australian culture is not your thing then that's cool, cause that part was a lie.

Any past participants please offer suggestions or tips for things to do whilst there and even some tips for if we miss out on camping passes.

My to-do list thus far looks like this:

1. Get nude

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