Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Musings and random thoughts from the train ride this morning

I hate it when I see a good looking girl on the platform who gets into my carriage but goes upstairs - I feel like I could be missing out.

If I hear someone's name said out loud on the train (or I read it on their work ID pass) I will go to work and facebook the shit outta them.

To entertain myself on the train I will sometimes play a game where I look at people and try to guess what it is they are saying to each other. Surprisingly the majority of people are all saying "sex, steak, beer, sex, steak, beer...."

Wolli creek is quite a picturesque place, if you can get past the aircrafts, pollution and traffic.

I don't understand how people can have B.O. at 7.30am - surely you just showered or at the very least had one before going to bed and applied some deodorant when getting dressed.

How does one conceal a fart on the train or does one just let it rip then look at the person next to them with a look of disgust?

I hate "train groups" - a collection of 3 or 4 people who work at the same place and happen to get on the same train. They aren't really friends so the conversation is always over polite and fake complete with fake laughs at crappy jokes. Someone just get nude.

Sitting on the bottom carriage can provide one with a wonderful view of nice legs.

Having nice legs does not necessarily mean someone has a nice figure.

If someone sits next to me with a laptop I will try to read whatever it is they are doing on there.

There is always a massive influx of Asians onto the train at Hurstville (not a racist thing, just an observation).

I am always the best looking guy on my train.

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