Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Facebook - connect or deconnect??

I hate facebook. I hate the "big brotherness" it represents and how it has destroyed the art of maintaining relationships. It may have been introduced as a way for people to "connect" however that is not how it is used in reality.

What's that you say?? "Bails - you’re on facebook more than anyone I know" Yes, this is true. I am addicted to this beast. Personally, I go for the ego boost I get making random comments and having people think I am funny. It gives me validation as a person. There are only a handful of people on there that I actually use facebook to keep in touch with.

Apart from the fact I walk around now, mentally clicking a "like" button at comments people might make, there are many things I love to hate (or hate to love) about facebook.....

I'm pretty sure I'm not naturally a stalker. I've never sat perched precariously on a low hanging branch, under the cover of darkness, armed with a camera and high powered binoculars as I surveyed the new bedroom attire of a potential girlfriend (or lawsuit). Nor have I followed someone around as they go about their daily business so I know where they are mostly every part of the day. When on facebook though, I think nothing of perusing an unknowing persons pictures, friends, whereabouts etc for no other purpose than trying to dig into the secret confines of their life.

As far as connecting people, well I've found that I have actually disconnected with people who don't use facebook. It's such an effort having to pick up a phone or drop by for a visit. Get online will you!

Then you have your facebookers who like to use their photos for their ego boost - plastering tonnes of photos on their page to show everyone how hot they are and how exciting their life is. In the case of young girls, these photos are inevitably filled with stony faced females wearing oversized sunglasses and making a sideways "V" with their fingers or self portraits. Guys will tend to find situations where they just happen to be shirtless.

Another type of attention seeking facebookers are the emo posters who post intentionally vague or cryptic updates about how they have been wronged, how bad they are feeling or how "someone" better watch out. This, in turn, evokes the usual responses, most likely from people they have not actually spoken to in years, enquiring after their health, if they are ok, offering anything they can do. This all gives the poster a feeling of being wanted.

The other thing with Facebook is it has now made breaking up all that much harder. It is near impossible to erase the other party from your life. There will be comments on mutual friends pages, pictures that somewhow end up on your news feed. That horrible temptation to creep all over their page, or if you/they have de-friended, to set up a fake profile to keep track of their whereabouts and associates (ok maybe I am naturally a stalker) and the fact that a relationship is not over until you have made it known on facebook. For that matter a relationship isn't real until it has been noted on facebook.

I could go on but I'll leave it at that for the time being - Mr Zuckerburg, you do indeed have a lot to answer for! But who can blame you - you were nursing a broken heart at the time and, like most of the world's great inventions, you came up with Facebook to grab the attention of a girl. If cavemen hadn't of required a faster way to drag their mates back to their cave for some action then we still wouldn't have the wheel!

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