Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's the end of the world as we know it - do you feel fine?

Hundreds of fish washing up on the beach, birds falling from the sky, Catastrophic flooding in Queensland and Brazil, Warnie's show has been cancelled......can it be any clearer?? Make no mistake people, the end of the world is nigh!!

The old man with the A-Frame sign that used to stand on the Princes Highway was right (albeit a little early).

So how are you going to celebrate your final hours on this Earth?

Firstly I would spend a few hours at work thinking about it instead of working whilst checking my Facebook constantly, then waste some more work time writing it into my blog then I would, in no particular order:

 - Find anyone who has ever done a facebook status update that read such and such is brushing their teeth, such and such is washing their hair or other such similar posts and fire two rounds of a .22 calibre bullet into each knee

 - Sell my nude pictures of Nick Riewoldt

 - Go to Nokia and find out how to make a simple phone call from my phone (although I am aware it tells me the tides currently in Somalia)

 - Go to Somalia at high tide and look for pirates

 - Finally reveal that I am the Stig

 - Find Steven Macklin and get the 50c he owes me from year 1

 - Pay back Nicole O'Donovan the 50c I owe her from Year 2

 - Text my family how much I love them while they arre sitting in the room next to me

 - Burn all my clothes and spend the remaining time wandering around as God intended - naked and freezing. This last one requires some precise timing as, if the world did not end immediately but say took another 6 months, it would be rather awkward for everyone involved.

What would you do??

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