Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where are they now?

Have you ever wondered what happened to those lovable cartoon characters you grew up watching for so many hours of a Saturday morning??

Well I did, so I went out and did a little research to find out just what happened to those animated stars of the 80's and 90's......

Gargamel - gave up on his idea of turning smurfs into gold and focused on business instead. He is now running a sweatshop on the outskirts of Beijing. Occasionally he will go back to his old ways attempting to turn one of his child workers into gold with disastrous but hilarious results.

Thundercats - These weird creatures, the result of some very unholy matings between humans and felines, started their own very successful TV show based in New York called Sex and the Kitty.

Kung Phooey - Is now working in a Vietnamese bakery in Cabramatta.

Fat Albert - Is no longer Fat Albert. He got to the gym after his second heart attack, dropped 250 pounds and is now rapping under the pseudonym Kanye West

Captain Caveman - Starred in his own reality TV show - "Find the caveman a wife". As a result he is now awaiting sentencing for the clubbing death of several c-list celebrities.

He-Man - Has now shaved his head and is working with Macquarie in their Wrap Adviser Services section.

Skeletor - Was plucked from obscurity in a mall in Eternia by a passing model scout and is now adorning the catwalks of Milan as a runway model.

Brainy Smurf - Found his inner calling as a Jehovah's Witness and is now collecting door to door for this fine establishment.

Smurfette - Is running her own fortune 500 company. In an interview with Time Magazine for her woman of the year award she attributed her enormous success to living in a male dominated environment for so long. She owns the sweatshop Gargamel runs and employs several of her smurf buddies as assistants so she can order them around.

Care Bears - Decided to get into music and formed a band called Human Nature

Danger Mouse - Is still fighting danger at the retirement home he is housed in at Northern London, which he shares with his lover, Ernest Penfold.

Rainbow Brite - The legend lives on - this acid taking princess is still living in her own macabre world of drugs, ponies and rainbows. You can often see her dancing at various festivals and raves throughout the world.

Strawberry Shortcake - Moved to LA to recognise her dream of starting her own cooking show but ended up starring in animal porn. She is now known as Strawberry Horsecake.

George Jetson - Is currently serving 5 years for spousal abuse at Longstar correctional facility. Coincidently this is where the Spacely's Sprockets runs their gaol rehabilitation work programme.


  1. Mate, what about:
    Marshall Bravestar?
    The Silver Hawks?
    Gummy Bears?
    Dino Riders and My Team Machine Men?????

    As Always Maxi from the Shire.

  2. Maxi you make a valid point and once I can unearth these fine characters whereabouts I shall instal a second chapter to my where are they now section.