Monday, January 9, 2012

Outgoing tide

This little piece gives a clear and precise insight into the mind of a young Mr Bargeworth. I came across this emo poem I wrote no doubt after some lost love eons ago. I can't believe I didn't walk around with a black fringe (ok I guess my follicly challenged scalp had a say in that), white face makeup and razors to cut myself with.

Outgoing Tide

I'll hold you in my arms tonight
I want to cherish this moment forever
After we say goodbye
You know we’ll never be together

Words are passed, deals are done
In our heart we know the truth
One more night is all we have
Just the sun inside of june

We were but a moment in time
A happy memory
Now we fade away
To our  lives of anonymity

Think about each other now and then
As the memory fades to black
Sometime when we are old
We’ll smile and remember back

To that night under the moon
We promised all our lies
To that moment lost in time
Beside the outgoing tide

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