Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sorry, I've just been busy lately

"Sorry I haven't been in touch, I've been really busy lately"

"I meant to call you back but I've just been run off my feet" 

"I was going to get to the gym today but I just don't have the time"

Do these sentences sound familiar to you?

Sit back and have a think. How busy are you? Really? What are all these things you are doing that are so important you can't pick up a phone to ring a loved one to see how they are. What is so incredibly essential that  it doesn't allow you to spare half an hour to an hour a day a couple of times a week to dedicate to working on your health and wellbeing?

I'm not saying that none of us are busy. There are obviously important things that require our utmost attention, such as raising kids. What I am saying is that we shouldn't let ourselves get caught up in the pace of the 21st century to the detriment of our health and our relationships. 

In the end, the only things that are going to matter are the relationships and experiences we cultivate throughout our time on this earth. The rest is just bullshit. 

Sit back and have a think. Is there someone you could be calling right now, just to see how they are doing?  Do it. Don't put it off any longer. 

Really, your not too busy......

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